What is Internet Radio?

It's an already massive, and growing industry! Reach millions of listeners worldwide.

Internet radio is the exact same as any other radio station you've listened to, whether it might be in your car or at work - it's the same. However, Internet radio is a modern solution to an old problem. It allows you to listen anywhere - in the shower, cooking dinner or even in the comfort of your own bed. Wherever there is an Internet connection (pretty much everywhere these days!), you can listen to Internet radio.

Broadcasters use internet radio to reach a worldwide audience, and it's extremely effective. You may want to start your own online radio show, or even a station. Our platform allows you to do just that, quickly, easily & without an extortionate cost.

SHOUTcast/Icecast/Cast are types of server, they all allow you to broadcast audio across the Internet - we provide that base server so you can reach your audience. But we also provide more than that, we've custom-built loads of great extras that will make your station stand out from the rest - custom players, Twitter integration and more!

SHOUTcast may sound scary to some, but it's extremely simple with our fantastic control panel which allows you to get setup in minutes with no fuss. Our panel also provides you with up-to-date statistics with information on who is listening to your radio station, and where they're from.

Auto DJ - Our control panel even allows your radio station to run without you being at your computer, and without leaving it on! You simply upload some music, and you're on air 24/7!

SHOUTca.st was founded in 2013 with a vision of innovating and changing the radio industry. Since its foundation, SHOUTca.st has soared in popularity with more than 50,000 clients placing us at number 3 in worldwide marketshare for our category. We've developed our own streaming server, Cast and we continue to innovate the industry.

Most recently, we've changed our name! For nearly 10 years we used the name 'SHOUTca.st', though after much thought & deliberation, we decided it was time for a change. We've recently changed our name to Streamerr and launched our fresh new website. It's still the same great team, same great prices & same fantastic clients.