Cast 1.0 Status Page

Introducing Cast 1.0

Before Cast, there was Icecast and SHOUTcast. Sure, they work. The problem with both of them is that they're based on code written by exhausted developers in the nineties. This doesn't make either of them bad, it just means it may not be for everyone. This makes using Icecast and SHOUTcast a little more difficult than we think it has to be, so we've built Cast from the ground up using Node.js to reduce the issues you might have.

We have years of experience with both SHOUTcast and Icecast and combined the best features of the two but also added some of our own ideas. It's Open Source too so if you want to stem off your own project based on Cast, you can!

  • Compatible with SHOUTcast and Icecast
  • Easy to use
  •'s' Control as your control panel
  • Modern look and feel
  • Open Source
  • More to come!

No hardware, no failure

With Cast 1.0, we didn't just improve the software but also the way we host it. We reduced downtime caused by hardware failures to almost zero. Say hello to 99.9% SLA.

Our infrastructure is based on the method which big companies like Google use. By placing everything in a container, we can move your node to a better place in a few seconds. Combining this with the latest state of the art cloud services, we can expand our infrastructure in a matter of seconds to ensure quality to everyone.

The network was also improved. Every single node has guaranteed access to 10Gbps on a global network from Strasbourg (France). This ensures your stream can be heard everywhere.

Docker - CoreOS - OpenStack - Intel Cloud Technology
Airtime media screenshot

Easier to manage

The past years we looked at how our clients used Centova Cast, and we came to the conclusion that it was not only hard to use but very confusing.

While designing Control, we did not only want it to look good. We wanted it to be advanced but also simple to use at the same time. Everything you need all is under one login and is easy to find!

Open Source

Why should we only have the nice toys? We decided to make every single part of Cast 1.0 open source. This opens the possibility for everybody to improve, hack and patch bugs. You can also play with Cast on your very own server this way, or even start your own company and sell Cast servers.

Currently, Cast 1.0 and the tools used for the infrastructure are all open source software. Soon, Control will follow with a special edition optimised for the open source community.


What's next?

While we're still making baby steps, Cast opens a lot of new possibilities to expand the platform. We'll keep improving Cast thanks to your feedback for the next few months!

Cast does not have an AutoDJ yet. We want this system to be perfect, and it therefore needs more time before we can release it. Our mission is to bring you a desktop-grade automation software in the cloud including real-time editing. And best of all, something that's easy to use.

Give Cast a try.

When we designed the plans for Cast, we decided to go simple and offer one plan that fits everybody. For only £3, you'll get your very own Cast node with no limits on the amount of listeners or bandwidth!

Not quite sure? You can try it out for two weeks at no charge! No credit card required, so no strings attached.

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