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    SHOUTca.st are one of the leading providers of streaming servers and online radio solutions. We provide everything you need to fully setup an Internet radio station!

  • Control 1.0

    Control + Cast

    Introducing Cast, broadcast with a difference.

  • Auto DJ

    Auto DJ

    Never leave your station off air, our system is equipped with a great Auto DJ system.

  • Looking to sell?

    Our reseller plans are suitable for anyone, startup or large-scale companies!

We're Secure & Reliable.

Secure & Reliable

We keep our servers updated and secure against security vulnerabilities and exploits. Why take the risk?

Super Fast!

Super Fast

We only use the best servers; that's why your radio station will never buffer with our Centova Cast servers.

Streaming Servers

Customer Support

We have a dedicated team of staff for sales and support to help you with your services.

Why choose us? A lot of good reasons.

Why Us?

We're a leading provider in radio services...

As soon as you make a successful payment, your SHOUTcast, Icecast or Cast server will be activated immediately. No questions. Everything you need will be emailed to you automatically!

Plans & Pricing

We've got a streaming server to fit any budget.

Try the next generation of streaming

At SHOUTca.st, we care about innovation. That's why we created our own server and control panel from the ground up while keeping the modern, open web in mind.

Introducing Cast and Control. The base for the next generation of internet radio streaming. Designed to be user friendly without compromising features.

For £4.50/month, you get a completely unlimited Cast server. Not quite sure yet? Try it free for 14 days.

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